Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So, I have been doing okay on staying fit this time around....well exercising anyways. I am currently doing a 30 day squat challenge where by the end of it, I will be doing 200 a day! 200!! I am up to 85 a day right now and it increases by 5 every day. I have been trying to do zumba or something like that (like walking) at least 3 days a week. My goal is 30 minutes of zumba, but on days like today, I only accomplished around 20 minutes, though that is totally better than not doing any at all.

I have been making myself nap almost every single day. For a while, I was doing 20 minute power naps which worked wonderfully....before I was pregnant. lol Now they are worse than not napping at all, so I stopped feeling guilty and started trying to take a longer nap. I schedule my stuff so that I can nap when Levi is sleeping. It works out well and then I’m not a meany when John gets home.

I have been feeling the baby kicking or rather fluttering which is crazy because I am almost at 13 weeks. With Levi I didn’t feel him that soon, but they say with the second you can because you know what you are looking for or feeling, so you notice it sooner. It’s just crazy because it is like 4-5 weeks sooner. It’s neat though. It’s funny how this time around since I know better what to expect, I am excited to have a newborn again. Last time I was excited, but this time I think it’s the familiarity that makes it more exciting all though each pregnancy and child is so different, so there will definitely be an element of surprise as well. :)