Friday, May 31, 2013

Sore Abs......While pregnant....? Yes, it's possible!

I have posted about it before and I will again, I am determined to stay fit this time around!!! John had an exercise ball that we finally picked up and I am able to do almost every single ab exercise on it that I couldn't do on the floor laying flat on my back. So, a few days ago, I rocked it out and boy was I sore yesterday and I LOVED it!! I went hard core that day, I did legs (and my legs and butt are sore too) and then I did zumba. I typically only do zumba 3 days a week, but yesterday (my off day) I was frustrated and I used that to vent my frustration. It worked and I felt amazing! Today is my cardio "on day" so I am going to be killing it with zumba again. And I'm excited to be doing more abs and leg workouts.

 I have been on the higher end of my weight gain this time around, BUT I have read in many places that 1)If you workout consistently, the fat and weight comes off soooooo much easier after you have the baby so I am really hoping that's true. With Levi it wasn't that hard, but I wasn't toned. And 2) I've read that since my eating habits are healthy and I typically don't snack and what I do eat is good food, my body is only gaining what it needs right now and that I may very likely have a "dry spell" later on where I gain little to no weight. But, I have also been eating a lot of sodium, so it could also just be water weight. Who knows, but I was getting frustrated with all the exercising only to be gaining more that recommended, but now I feel so much better, especially feeling sore. I know, I know, you shouldn't feel sore and it's no indication, but it is for me. I know my muscles were pushed. lol

Anyways, I am trying to be better this pregnancy. I want to be more fit for the health of the baby, a better delivery and labor (mine with Levi wasn't that bad at all and it was fast so imagine if I actually have abs this time around! lol), and to just watch the weight melt off at the end.....okay maybe not, but I can dream right....:P

And, for motivation for all of you out there, here is a link to a very fun Zumba video. Try it out! It's great okay and here is another one. :)
 Check them out!!! Doing one or two is better than none!! :D