Thursday, May 30, 2013

Second Time 'Round Hospital Bag

So, having gone through this already, there are some things that I have learned from last time....or so I hope. One of those things is what to pack in my hospital bag. Now, I have always (always being with been one to pack my bag early. I have literally been holding myself back from starting to pack now and I’m only 14 weeks. Weird...maybe, but I’ve been like that with everything. I get excited and so this is a way to enjoy the time I guess....whatever anyways. I thought I would share some of the things I am going to be packing this time around that we didn’t think about last time around.(This is not my hospital bag....just a picture of

-Air Mattress (John had a really hard time sleeping last time, so we are bringing this just in can stay in the car unless we need it)

-Blanket to make a side sleeper for baby (Levi kept choking on his spit up and we ended up having him sent to the nursery so we could sleep because we were too freaked out we wouldn’t hear him choking if we slept)

-Mother’s Milk tea bags to kick start things

-Regular from home pillows (especially John’s)
-Comfortable clothes for John
-Sleeping Mask for John
-Ear plugs for John
-Essential Oils (peppermint for headaches, lavender, etc.)
-Phone and headphones (a couple pair just in case) (I used this during labor big time. John had a playlist for me that was very soothing and I kept it on pretty much through the whole thing. It helped me block everything else out)
-File Folder for any important Paperwork
-Chargers for
*my phone
*John’s Phone
-Warm Socks
-Icky, but cute robe
-Nursing bra/s
-Nursing tanks
-Nursing Pads
-Snacks! Lots of Snacks! (as much as the hospital food is fine, they close down at a certain
-Nipple Cream
-Hair Ties
-Neutral Clothes for all 4 of us for baby pictures (Black, white, tan, or brown...)
-Bottled Water (and or BIG water jug!)
-Coconut Oil (perineum massage oil, nipple cream, etc.)
-Flipflops for the shower
-Gift Bags for nurses (candy and thank you cards)

This is my list so far. I may add to it later...I didn’t add obvious stuff on there like clothes for me or stuff for the baby. This is all stuff we didn’t bring last time but wished we had, stuff that might be good to have, or stuff we used last time and loved and don’t want to forget to bring this time. What are some things you are bringing? Are your hospital bags different with each child? Do you want to bring more or less? I think we are bringing more of some things and less of others because we know what to expect and what the hospital provides.