Thursday, May 30, 2013

Staying Fit This Time

I am determined to stay fit this pregnancy. My goals are to do lots of ab exercises so that after the baby is born, it will be easier than last time to get them back, to have great pregnancy legs (lol), and to do lots of cardio and weight training to be a fit momma!

Now, I need to be careful not to be vain about it, but I do believe in being healthy and I don’t want to use pregnancy as an excuse to let go of myself and eat whatever cravings come and just do whatever. I want to eat smart and healthy and to workout. I also want to look good for my husband. A child changes your marriage in many ways, but my husband comes first and I want to make sure that I stay fit and trim for him and I have seen lots of motivation and I knows it is possible. At the beginning of my pregnancy I was working out pretty regularly. Lots of zumba and lots of weights. I’m hoping I don’t have to cut down on that and as it gets warmer, I want to go on walks with Levi and I even found a “busy mom’s playground workout” that I am excited to try out this year. :) Plus, not only is it healthy for the baby and yourself, but exercising and staying fit (especially doing ab workouts, though not on your back) make labor so much better!

So, I am excited to continue to workout and stay fit. I didn’t gain a lot of weight pound wise with Levi, but I did gain a lot of fat in areas that I am still struggling with and I’d like to prevent that from happening. I want to be not so concerned with a number on the scale, but the way I look and feel. I feel motivated and excited. :)