Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Sunshine Vitamin

I had lab work done yesterday and today I got a call saying my vitamin D levels were extremely low. Which isn’t a big deal, but they wanted me to start taking supplements right away. It’s a tad nerve wracking when you get a call saying they got your blood work back and needed to call you right away...I was like....”yes?!” lol Not a big deal, just need more sunshine. I’m actually thrilled because the symptoms of low vitamin D I have actually been having and they aren’t really all that fun, but I just thought it was pregnancy symptoms. Good thing to know that taking vitamin D will fix it! That’s awesome to me. I love this doctor’s office.
The last one I was at, I had blood work done, but they missed a few things (like actually checking to see if I was pregnant, they didn’t do a test they just took my word for So it’s nice the other one did the missing tests.

Did an intense workout! I asked the nurse yesterday to make sure I can continue to ab exercises as long as they are not on my back and she said of course. It’s great for you. I have been holding off on doing anymore ab exercises because I read that I shouldn’t when pregnant because it will cause diastasis to be more severe and create more of a pouch after the baby is born. She said as long as I’m not putting weight on my stomach, I’m golden. I thought it was good to do while pregnant, but when I read that, I decided to hold off until I could ask because I definitely don’t want a bigger pouch! lol But, a great workout today! Amazing and fun zumba cardio with some great videos that were great strength as well. Now to do my squat challenge. I am doing 90 today. Maybe I’ll do some lunges too? I’m feeling ambitious today! :)