Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pink Lines

We at the Brines' household are excited to announce that we are expecting another baby Brines. We are excited and of course just a tad apprehensive. John is hoping for a girl. :) I don't really care what it is, but I wouldn't mind a little girl at all. :) It'll be fun to see how Levi is with a baby around. I'm a tad nervous because thinking of having a young child and a newborn is intimidating, but with God's strength and my amazing husband by my side, I know that I can handle it.

Only a few of you may know, but we choose to use Natural Family Planning, though I don't really chart, I just basically keep an eye on my periods and my body. So we weren't TRYING but we definitely were not trying to prevent it in any way shape or form. lol Honestly, I am surprised that it didn't happen sooner. lol

Our plan when we got married was to have as many children as God blesses us with. So far that plan hasn’t changed and even if we decided to try to limit how many children we had or how fast they came, God is not hindered by our human means. But, we have decided to leave it wholly up to Him and trust Him and His plan.

Our plans are to find out what the baby is, but we aren’t going to let others in on the secret for quite a while if even before the baby is born. We haven’t decided. :) Sorry guys, I know the suspense will be awful, but y’all will be fine. ;P John likes to have things just between us for a little while, and I’m cool with that. :) It’s like our special little thing that just we know.

Anywho, I remember writing a blog post announcing that we were pregnant with Levi almost two years ago and I wanted to write another. Who knows how many more of these announcement posts there will be in my future. :)