Friday, May 31, 2013

It Really Isn't the Mess

I just realized something really isn't the mess my husband makes. It isn't. Tonight, he knew he was going to be doing something that was going to make a big mess....after I had just cleaned the house well before he got home (though, luckily I hadn't vacuumed yet; I knew there was a reason why! lol). Tonight's mess was different though. Why did I feel less frustrated and even willing to do what I could to clean it and actually be willing to clean it all up if need be? It was his apologetic attitude. He came to me and informed me that it was going to be messy (I had already suspected as much), gave me a hug and told me to stay in that chair and not turn around. lol

There are times when he makes a mess after I've worked hard and making things look nice and be tidy and I am sure he doesn't mean it, but he has an attitude of I don't care. And it's not that he doesn't care, he doesn't see it. But in my mind, that is what he's saying. Now this isn't often and like I said, most of the time he does care and gets very frustrated with himself for making a mess.
So, ladies, it's not that they don't care, they do. Most of the time they just don't see that after they have walked through "fixing" things or doing anything, it looks like a tornado. Give them some slack, but maybe humbly and graciously talk to them about it.
And guys, it's not the mess, it really isn't. It's the thoughts and the attitude, a simple "Honey, I'm really sorry I made things messy" or "I am going to be making a mess and I know it makes things more difficult", etc. makes things so much better. Thankful for a husband who realizes this and still does try to clean up the mess. :)

If you know us, ask him sometime about burning toast in a skillet. That is another it wasn't the mess stories that maybe I'll post about later. :