Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mundane Monday....a day late

After a long and wonderful holiday weekend spending time with loved ones and having a blast, it is really hard to go back to work. I had an especially hard time because I let my mind think and I listened to myself rather than talking to myself. Always a bad idea. I got all depressed because there is a chance I will be working a ton of hours once summer hits which is not what I am wanting. The money will be good, but it will be very tiring. But, there is nothing I can do about it now, so why let myself get depressed about it. AND if I do, it is a chance to be a good example to those little girls even more since I will be with them more. So, even though today is Tuesday, it feels like a Monday. I thought I needed to write a Munday Monday post for myself and hopefully to help others.

1) The thunderstorms roaring outside.
2) Long naps
3) Babies who take long naps and give me time to not only take my own nap, but have time to do other things as well
4) Knowing in August I will be done with work
5) A loving and caring husband
6) Wonderful weekend spent seeing family and friends
7) Grape juice (sorry honey, I drank your glass.....)
8) End of the month dinners that are having me use all the ingredients I don't normally use and causing me to be creative
9) Monthly Menus
10)Tidy-ish house (it's tidy, but not necessarily clean
11) One less job to do today
12) Mittens attached to yarn (no more losing only one mitten)
13) Already unpacked from the weekend
14) Friends due to have their babies any day!
15)Biblical discussions with my family
16) Bible studies
17) Hot, long baths
18) Exercise balls
19) A husband who plays with my hair

Friends, finding joy in God starts with asking Him to take over your heart and then by being grateful and thankful to Him for all of the gifts He has blessed you with, from the minute ones to the huge ones. Let's have a grateful heart today. Also, tell Him through the day that you love Him and are grateful for everything He's blessed you with. Have a wonderfully Mundane Tuesday. :)