Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thrift Shopping!

So, John and I went to the thrift store and while we were there, they were having a good sale and he let me pick out some clothes. I didn’t get many maternity clothes with Levi. I bought 2 pairs of pants then bought a few shirts that were not maternity but where a few sizes too big. But there are a few things I wished I had last time, so this time I am either going to make them, or try and purchase them. When I was at the thrift store, I found a few great shirts all in a size larger than what I normally wear and I am going to sew elastic in them to make them more accommodating.
I tried it on a few of my shirts last night and it was very easy and looks great, but next time, I am going to get a shirt that is two sizes larger because it will be longer since the elastic pulls it up a tad. Here are the shirts that I got that were not maternity, the teal one I got because it will make a great nursing shirt but also a great maternity shirt as well. Thinking long term. :)

Then the following shirts were all maternity shirts. All thrift store finds of course. The nursing tank was more than what I would normally spend, but I was given a few with Levi and they were wonderful, except they were HUGE on me, so they didn’t work and I never really wore them. They are super douper convenient, so I am so very thrilled that I got this one and am going to keep my eyes open for any more cheap ones because I believe one can never have enough of these! So comfortable and easy for feedings! Great shirts for the hospital too. The black and white flower one is my favorite so far....maybe..I like the two t-shirts as well. :) I’m excited to start wearing them. I am going to buy material to make a few more belly bands in various colors as well. So super easy and so much cheaper than paying $25 for a brand new one. lol I have a black one that I LOVE. I would wear it very often even when I wasn’t pregnant because it kept everything hidden when my shirts would ride up, etc. Loved that thing!

Excited about my finds and can’t wait to turn more cheaper non-maternity clothes into maternity clothes! I’ll take some pictures of the finished products soon.